Getals Designer Japanese Clogs - Modern update on Japanese geta footwear

$112 USD


The Getals are a brilliant update on traditional Japanese geta (similar to clogs or flip-flops). Getals make a unique addition to geta design: toe separators. This not only makes the sandals easier to wear, it helps spread out your toes so blood circulation is better. Produced by Saganoya in Gifu Prefecture, the Getals have already attracted a lot of attention from retailers and the press, including NHK World. With a natural base produced from high-quality Kiso nezuko wood, the soft toe separators also make these footwear items very comfortable to slip on and walk around in. After all, why should enjoying traditions be boring or disagreeable?

The Getals feature:

  • Update on traditional geta (Japanes clogs)
  • Only geta sandals in the world with toe separators
  • Color: dark brown
  • Size: M, W, L, 2L, 3L
  • Recommended for women: M, W, L
  • Recommended for men: 2L, 3L
  • Recommended shoe sizes: M = up to 23cm (US 6-6.5, UK 3.5-4, Europe 36-37) / L = 23.5cm (US 7, UK 4.5, Europe 37.5) and over / W = for most women / 2L = up to 27.5cm (US 9.5, UK 9, Europe 43) / 3L = 28cm (US 10, UK 9.5, Europe 44) and over
  • Materials: nezuko wood, polyester, synthetic rubber
  • Made in Japan
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