Tangency Watch

$135 USD


Tangency Watch draws inspiration from Euclid’s Geometry


Much like the founder of the subject Euclid realized in ancient Greece, The Tangency watch was developed with the idea that any stable figure must begin with a strong foundation.


The beauty of the this timepiece resides in its unconventional and geometrically diverse design. The foundation of this watch is highlighted by light blue hour and minute hands, which are then built upon by a circular second hand that rotates elliptically around the dial of the watch creating a playful sense of distortion.


Unlike analytic geometry, Euclidean geometry proceeds logically without the use of specific coordinates. For the Tangency, the circular second hand flows naturally across the face of the watch, effortlessly personifying the principles that Euclid described over 2000 years ago.

Tangency is designed by Joel Escolona and has a unisex 40mm size case. It is made of a black IP stainless steel and complemented with a 20mm wide black leather band.



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