Eames à la Bokja by Atelier Bokja


East meets West in the Beirut-based studio Bokja Design, which has played a pivotal role in reviving the contemporary Lebanese craft scene, capturing international attention with classic midcentury forms upholstered in riotous patchworks made from vintage and new Middle Eastern textiles.Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri launched Bokja 12 years ago, and since then the dynamic duo have built a successful international brand with a celebrity following including the likes of Christian Louboutin, Kate Hudson, Sandra Bullock, and Julia Roberts, to name but a few.Part of the Classics collection, the Eames à la Bokja features a delightfully retro form. Through trade and travel, textiles, patterns, colors and inspiration are collected from around the world, focusing on the Levant and Central Asia. In a Bokja assemblage, each piece upholds its individual physical identity as it becomes connected with foreign cultures and fabrics. The newly assembled textiles are then treated with contemporary embroideries in the Bokja Atelier and introduced in a new context, where the journey of the fabric and its story continues. The relevance lies in displaying appreciation of the history behind each fabric that might otherwise be overlooked. Bokja brings together poetic fragments of a time and place and situates them in unusual arrangements with a new context. A rich and unexpected new visual vocabulary of encoded information and aesthetic is created.
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