Skull Beach Blanket

$25 USD


Skull Beach Blanket

  • Gigantic Sugar Skull Beach Blanket
  • Enjoy sunbathing with our stylish gigantic sugar skull beach blanket!
  • If you’re laying on a beach on holiday, or taking a dip in the kiddie pool, this sugar skull beach blanket will take your beach style to the next level.
  • Sugar Skulls have a classic and iconic design , inspired from the day of the dead, this beach blanket lets you soak up some rays from the sun while relaxing.
  • At 5 feet across, made from 100% ultra-soft microfiber material for a comfortable sunbathing experience. Plus, the beautiful storage pouch makes a great beach tote. You can use the backside of the beach blanket to towel off after a quick dip.
  • A great beach towel, perfect for the beach, pool or bath. A great gift for for all ages and sun lovers!
  • Size: Small:120cm X 150cm/59”*47.2”

             large:200cm X 150cm/59"*78.7"

  • Material:100% ultra-soft microfiber
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