ONAK Foldable Canoe

$1,295 USD

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Experience ONAK's high performance foldable canoe now! The canoe is based on origami techniques to make it easily foldable. Its durable and innovative material makes it perfect for both urban adventures & the wild outdoors. It's easy to store and easy to transport. This limits the organisation of your trip and gives you more time for what really matters: To go out and discover the waters around you. To reconnect to nature. To take a break from the daily rush. To share a journey with the people you love!


183 in (465cm) x 33 in (85 cm)
capacity 441 lbs (200kg) to 551 lbs (250kg)
case on wheels:
16 in (40cm) x 48in (120cm) x 10in (25cm)
weight 37lbs (17kg)


When you add two adjustable paddles the price would be $1522

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