12″ Vinyl LP Record Metal Crate

$149 USD


Hand-welded 12″ metal industrial minimalistic style crate

12″ Vinyl record storage crate. Industrial minimalistic style, loft perfect. Has four free rotating rubberized wheels or soft rolling. Holds over 80 LP records.

Hand-welded 12″ metal industrial minimalistic style crate. The crate solves the problem of keeping your collection in order. Allows for easy storage of your precious collection. Beautiful raw metal protected from oxidizing by a transparent finish. Four free rotating wheels. Light construction doesn’t allow dust accumulate at the bottom of the container. Easy to handle.


↳ One hand welded crate / raw metal / transparent finish
↳ base 13 2/3" (width) x 16 1/2" (length) by 8 2/3" (height)
↳ base 34 cm by 42 cm by 22 cm
↳ Has four rotating wheels.
↳ Horizontal bars don't allow records to slip
↳ Looks cool on the floor, shelf or desk.


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