Sling Shoulder Crossbody Chest Bag For Anti-theft By NIID FINO

$55 USD


Size: 34 * 28.5 * 2.5 cm
Weight: 270 g (state) empty bags
Packing: packed in cartons
Material: high waterproof fabrics hardware

Type: The Left Hand, The Right Hand
TIPS: The Left Hand (left-handed optimization, package on the right side of the body)
The Right Hand (right-handed optimization, wrapped in on the left side of the body)

1. Contact can back coat, valuables placed close
2. Super light, go out no burden. Empty package status is only 270 g, equal to the weight of the 2 iphones
3. The invisible zipper, security more secure.
4. Large capacity, bags of different sizes in the three layer design, can accommodate a business people everything I need to go out. (7 inch tablet, mobile phone, wallet, keys, headphones, charging treasure, paper towel)

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