HyperDrive USB Type-C 5-in-1 Hub with Pass Through Charging

$50 USD


Compact USB-C hub that turns a single USB-C into 5 ports. "The Best Solution" for 12" MacBook - Wall Street Journal


Designed for 12" MacBook
Sits flush with the same thickness as the 12" MacBook. Also works with other USB-C devices like Ultrabook, Chromebook etc.

5-in-1 USB-C Hub
Turns a single USB-C connection into 5 ports (2 x USB-A, Micro SD, SD, USB-C Power Delivery)

Double USB-A Ports
Allow USB-C devices to connect to legacy USB-A accessories. Apple SuperDrive not supported. USB ports will not charge an iPad.

Memory Card Slots
MicroSD and SD memory card slots for quick data, photo & video transfer

USB-C Power Delivery
Supports USB-C pass-through charging. Allows USB-C device to be charged while using the USB-C hub at the same time.

Precision Engineered
Precision milled aluminum enclosure, available in the same color, appearance and design lines as the MacBook.

Product Dimensions/Weight
84 x 28 x 8.4mm

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