Satechi USB-C 40W Travel Charger

$40 USD


Ideal for those traveling with multiple electronic devices, the Satechi USB-C 40W Travel Charger enables you to charge two USB-A devices and one USB-C device simultaneously from one convenient location! Simply power the Travel Charger from a wall outlet and you're ready to charge all of your favorite USB devices.

Charge Fast

5V / 2.4A USB-A ports ensure your devices charge quickly and efficiently. Additionally, use the 14.5V / 2A USB-C port to charge any compatible USB-C device.

Elegant Design

This beautifully-designed Travel Charger is the perfect accessory for anyone looking for a stylish on-the-go charger, or an elegant charger for the home or office.

LED Indicator

Bright LED indicator displays the Travel Charger's power status.

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