Glowpear Self Watering Mini Wall

$79 USD


Unlike its vertical garden predecessors, the Glowpear Mini Wall is designed to be seen and engineered with the planting depth and functionality to open up a new universe of planting options. With Mini Wall you can cultivate fresh produce effortlessly in a self-watering planter specifically designed to make wall mounted vertical gardening simple and rewarding.




  • Engineered for edibles: Designed for growing a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers
  • Self-watering: Glowpear’s set and forget integrated self-watering technology to help plants thrive
  • Contemporary design aesthetic: Designed for contemporary urban spaces
  • Tough and resilient: UV resistant, durable polymer body with double-walled construction for insulation against hot and cold weather
  • Portability: Conveniently compact, lightweight and versatile, the Mini is highly portable
  • Irrigation flexibility: Option to water directly into the reservoir via the easy access fill point; via an automated irrigation system; or, directly into the soil
  • Real-time feedback: Integrated water level indicator to provide real-time water level feedback
  • Modularity: Easily add and interconnect additional modules to expand your garden




The ability to soften an aesthetic by adding greenery to a stark wall helps transform our urban landscapes. However, until now, there hasn’t been a solution focused specifically on fresh produce.
The Glowpear Mini Wall has been carefully designed to optimise growing conditions for edible plants. With a generous soil volume, fool-proof self-watering technology, a range of irrigation options to suit your lifestyle, and an intuitive wall bracket mounting system, you’ll have a thriving low maintenance wall garden up and running in no time.



The Mini Wall has been designed to climb. Run your Mini up a wall and any overflow from higher units will be captured seamlessly by the planter below. If you’re running your vertical stack all the way down to the ground, why not finish off with a Mini Bench at the bottom to collect any overflow in its in-built drip tray?



If you’re more excited by a horizontal configuration, Mini Wall planters can be easily mounted side by side, with each planter designed to be effortlessly linked to the next to create a shared water reservoir.



Why not save yourself a decision and get the best of both worlds with a grid configuration instead?


'Vertical' may be the new black, but you've never seen it done like Mini Wall!

***Please note, only one unit per order. Multiple products must be placed as separate orders.


DIMENSIONS - 60 cm x 25.7 cm x 22.5 cm (23.6" x 10.1" x 8.8")
SOIL VOLUME - 17 L (4.5 gallons)
WATER RESERVOIR VOLUME - 4.5 L (1.2 gallons)
PACKAGED WEIGHT - 4.5 kg (9.9 lb)

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