Circus Food Jars Set by Alessi

$127 USD


Made of glass and offered in four different sizes, the Alessi Circus jars with hermetic lids can be used to store various food items, locking in all their freshness, aroma and flavour.

For these objects Marcel Wanders imagines a decoration reminiscent of the merry-go-rounds often set up along with the circus big top. The lid is decorated with the traditional red and white stripes of fairground ride awnings, while the gold coloured knob conjures up the ornamental element that adorns the centre. The result is enchanting: Wanders transforms classic kitchen jars into cheerful mini fairground rides.

Alessi Circus Collection is part of the Officina Alessi range, which includes the brand's most exclusive, innovative and experimental products.

DESIGNER: Marcel Wanders

Small: 10.5CM x 13CM (H) - capacity: 50cl
Medium: 10.5CM x 16CM (H) - capacity: 75cl
Large: 10.5CM x 19CM (H) - capacity: 100cl
Extra Large: 10.5CM x 24.5CM (H) - capacity: 150cl

Silk-screen glass with hermetic lid in tinplate.

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