Swarovski Domino Set by Renzo Romagnoli

$660 USD


Domino set with Swarovski® crystals by Renzo Romagnoli. Domino, the ancient game of number matching and point scoring, is a popular favourite among players of all ages. And thanks to Renzo Romagnoli' s beautiful Domino set, your game-play is sure to have a bit more sparkle; every pip marking on these domino tiles is actually a genuine Swarovski® crystal! Pieces sit in a handmade black leather case with crocodile print, felt lining and a hinged closing lid.

Renzo Romagnoli has been manufacturing the world's most stylish games and game-related products in his Italian warehouse since 1972. When it comes to playing games in style, Renzo games would have to be the ultimate. Refined and classic, every Renzo piece is handmade to the most exacting specifications in Italy, by Renzo's expert team of highly-skilled craftspeople.

The set is presented in an elegant Renzo Romagnoli box.

 Renzo Romangoli
24CM (W) x 14CM (D) x 6CM (H)
 Black leather, black plastic, Swarovski® crystals, felt

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