Octopus Ceramic Coffee Mug

$17 USD


Material: Ceramic
Size: 12*15*15cm
Capacity: 300ml

100% handmade, 100% hand-painted. Each of them is unique.
Underglaze color, safe for children, will never fade.

Creative design evokes your imagination and inspires you to start the day well.

These hand-painted ceramic cups, adorned with animals from the plains and jungles of Africa, can liven up your morning. The cup doesn't simply hold your coffee, it also awakens your imagination.
The cup's three-dimensional animal figure helps you embrace nature, whether sitting in the office or at the kitchen table. Along with your morning coffee or tea, take a moment to enjoy the serenity and grace of the natural world.
100% hand-painted, these unique designs require a complex and lengthy process to create, so be sure to purchase before this limited edition series is discontinued.

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