Akitsune Malleum Pendant incl. 90cm Chain

$35 $45(Save 22%)USD


Iron mallets are known to be nearly indestructible, which is why they are symbols commonly featured in the hottest comic books, anime movies and action-packed TV shows. This is also why we have designed our Malleum Pendant to resemble the powerful hammers that are used by all of your favorite superheros when taking on all of the world’s most evil villains. We have crafted the hammer pendant out of the finest stainless steel in order to deliver the utmost durability and it is available in your choice of either a yellow gold, matte black or silver finish.


● Pendants incl. Chain: a 90cm long matching chain is included. If you prefer the chain shorter, a 70cm long chain is available separately.

● Elegant and versatile: This classic necklace for women and men is an absolute must-have for every jewelry collection. Available in silver, matt black and gold, the pendant is a beautiful accessory that fits every wardrobe.

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