Painter's Pallete Gourmet Artisan Gourmet Finishing Sea Salt Collection by Gustus Vitae

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Embrace your inner culinary artist with this collection of six Project Non-GMO Verified gourmet finishing sea salts, each one uniquely crafted to bring out the best in your meals. Whether you amplify your cooking by seasoning your veggies, proteins, or starches by seasoning the beforehand, or make your plates pop with color and flavor by sprinkling on a dusting just before serving, this collection of six gourmet sea salts is our go-to for making memorable meals. Red Cayenne Sea Salt unabashadely brings heat and color to your table, livening up proteins, drawing the flavors of the garden out of roast veggies, and making salads and corn on the cob pop. Our smoked sea salt delivers rich, umami flavors of Alderwood, and is great for either amplifying the smokiness of outdoor cooking bringing that essence to meals made in the oven. Blue Cheese Sea Salt, made with all-natural dehydrated blue cheese and sustainably harvested California Sea Salt, is wonderful for adding real depth to salads, making french fries, mashed potatoes, and simple pasta dishes pop, and, our personal favorite, as a fantastic and unexpected salt rimmer for margaritas. The Project Non-GMO Certified Dijon Mustard Sea Salt is the perfect seasoning to sprinkle on grilled chicken or roast bell peppers, and is right at home on a cacuterie board, dusted on a triple brie or quick pickled cornichons. It's also great on and in sandwiches, wraps, and pita pockets: use in place of mustard to stop veggies from wilting and keep your sandwich light. Indian Tandoori Sea Salt brings the authentic flavors of the subcontinent into your kitchen: infuse meals with the flavor of authentic clay pot cooking and the the exotic heat of the tandooor. Built for slow cooked veggie meals, this gourmet sea salt is wonderful sprinkled on shrimp and white fish just before serving, or dusted on veggies before roasting so that the flavor carries all the way through. Have your own dedicated edame salt with our Green Tea Sea Salt, crafted with the finest in imported Japanese Matcha. Great for leaning a light, herbacious sweetnees, it's just as at home lifting a fresh spring salad as delivering unexpected color and wonderfully novel flavor when dusted on vanilla ice cream just before serving. Our salts and seasonings are all-natural and made in small batches in California before being hand-packed in our unique magnetic tins.

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