Genio T Murphy Bed Desk


White or Light Wood High-Gloss Lacquer Cabinet Opens to Desk and Twin Bed.


Construction: Cabinet is High Gloss Lacquer Laminate Chipboard, Giving You the Highest Quality Materials to Make Your Murphy Bed Durable and Long-Lasting.
Bed box: Manufactured from Rustproof Aluminum, and Stores a Thick Twin Size Mattress.
Opening Mechanism: State-of-the-Art Technology with New Generation Gas Springs, So Your Murphy Bed Opens and Closes without Effort or Struggle.
Versatile Functions: Your Murphy Bed is a Wall when Closed, Opens to a Convenient Study Desk OR Opens All the Way to a Twin Size Bed. It’s Like Having a Room in a Box!


Do you want to maximize your space and have room for guests to stay over? Do you have kids or grandkids and just need more sleeping space?

A Murphy Bed system might be just what you’re looking for! This style looks like a glossy lacquered wall in your room, available in white or light wood-tone colors, and when closed takes up very little space. When you want to study or work on your computer, just open the cabinet and drop down a desk! There’s plenty of room for office work, study books, or even craft projects to fit on this roomy desk. When you’re tired, and want to get some sleep, just open it all the way, and the desk drops down, instantly giving you a twin bed ready to crawl into! In the morning, it all closes up, giving you an uncluttered, open area for your studio or apartment. If you’re using it in a study, you can keep the desk open and just open the bed for guests when they sleep over. This Murphy Bed system is constructed from the highest quality materials, and the mechanism is technologically new gas springs, that open and close with no effort. Having a Murphy Bed System is like having a room in a box!

Product Dimensions:
Closed: 55.5” H x 81.4” W x 17.3” D
Desk Open: 55.5” H x 81.4” W x 36.1” D
Bed Open: 55.5” H x 81.4” W x 51.2” D
Bed Size: Twin


Maximum mattress height is 8 inch
Memory foam mattress recommended
Weight: 418.5 lb


Main material of the product is 3/4 and 1 3/16 thick high quality melamine chipboard with E1-standard. Rustproof Aluminum.




Made in Europe.

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