TrackR bravo Item Tracker

$30 USD


Tired of tearing the house apart every morning looking for your keys, wallet or phone? With TrackR bravo, make misplacing your important items a thing of the past! Tag your items with the thin, coin-sized TrackR bravo and use the TrackR app to locate them in seconds.

No more digging under the couch cushions – just ring your missing wallet from the app. Can’t find your phone? Press the button on your TrackR device to ring your phone – even on silent mode.

TrackR's Crowd GPS Network can even help you locate lost items on a map by sending out confidential location updates when another TrackR app user walks by your missing item.

Benefits + Features:

  • User-replaceable battery + battery indicator
  • Available in four colors: Silver, Rose Gold, Blue, Black
  • Quickly ring your lost item from the TrackR app.
  • Pressing the button on the TrackR bravo makes your phone ring - even on silent mode.
  • Separation alerts remind you to grab your paired items so you don’t leave them behind.
  • See your item's last connected location on a map.
  • TrackR's Crowd GPS Network automatically searches for your misplaced items at long range and sends you a confidential location update if another TrackR app user passes by it.
  • Made of sleek anodized aluminum.
  • Battery replacement program
  • Family Sharing feature to share tracked items with your household or office 
  • Compatible with iPhone 4S & later, iPad with Retina Display & later, Android 4.4 & later with Bluetooth 4.0
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