Podo Stick & Shoot Selfie Camera

$95 USD

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Podo is the world's first wireless re-stickable selfie camera which is controlled by your smart phone at the push of a button without one of those annoying and embarrassing selfie sticks! What's more, it takes high quality images and delivers them directly to your phone, so no messing around with cables and wires! Amazing! How does it work? It couldn't be simpler!
1. Download the free Podo app. Double tap the Podo to bring it to life!
2. Your phone will search and find the Podo and then connect the two devices together via Bluetooth™ through the app.
3. Stick your camera on a wall, door, fridge, kitchen cupboard - anywhere flat and smooth.
5. Take selfies until your heart's content!
6. View and store them on your phone.
AS FEATURED ON: Cher Lloyd's 'Activated' official video
Say goodbye to frustrating selfies that don't capture the whole image or that capture a great shot of your outstretched arm! You can use the screen on your phone to check each photo before you take it. This gadget is guaranteed to get the attention of all your friends and even the curious passers-by!
Features and Benefits:
This years most original gift idea!
Comes in a funky Turquoise colour.
Rechargeable battery.
Battery lasts for up to 2 hours.
Records videos for up to 15 seconds.
Micro-USB port.
8GB of memory.
8MP image sensor.
LED Flash.
BLE & BT connection via Bluetooth up to 100ft.
Time lapse option.
Measurements: (L): 5cm x (W): 5cm x (D): 2.5cm.

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