Red 746 Telephone

$113 USD


The 746 Home Telephone was quintessential British telephone and '1960' icon. Launched in 1967 by the general post office in response to the public demand, it would inspire two decades of conversation and is, to this day, the universal symbol of any phone.

Known as 'the modern phone' it was a welcome re design to the nostalgic 706 model.

In celebration of this great British icon, our replica maintains the bold curves of the original for modern convenience, the dial has been replaced by buttons without detracting from the outer bezel design.


Authentic style
Simply plugs into a standard socket
Push button dialling
Redial button
Original style mechanical bell ringer!!

Our telephone cord connects phone body to handset. Only suitable for use in Britain & Europe. Middle east  USA you will have to change the end adapter to suit your phone socket! You can buy these easily from any electrical store.

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