Pink Aluminium Peacock LED Light Fixture

$150 USD


The Popup Lighting Peacock is a decorative lamp, painted folded aluminum and steel.

It is 36cm long x 14cm when switched off. When lights are on it becomes 40cm x 40cm of light and brilliancy.

  • Mounting- Wall pendant
  • Lamp (Bulb) Description- LED module 2800k 120lm- 2.1w
  • Environment- Indoor
  • Operation- wall or cable switch
  • Weight- 2.2 Ibs (1 kg)
  • Voltage (V)- 110- 230

Electricity installation (one of the two):

  • Electricity point (directly to the wall) - can be wired to the electricity point in the room and switched on/off with the light switch (use professional electrician for installation).]
  • Electricity cord (cord) - fixture comes with a cord and on/off switch to be plugged into an electricity outlet.
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