Apple Watch Link Bracelet

$70 USD


Our beautiful Apple Watch Link Bracelet is crafted from 316L stainless steel alloy with a custom butterfly closure.



Beautiful Apple Watch Link Bracelet


The Wiplabs link bracelets are made specifically for the Apple Watch respecting the same high quality standards. Our quick snap clasp allows a quick and secure fit, and is faster than other bands so that you can start your day right.

316L stainless steel strap is sweat, water and corrosion resistant, making it great for active wear. Stainless steel is also cool to the touch and a great heat dissipater making it more comfortable to wear than a rubber sports band. Our bracelet link design provides breathability and precise sizing to ensure a good fit for accurate fitness measurements.




The links in the bracelet can be adjusted like any other standard link bracelets. It is recommended to use a watch resize tool, but can also be done manually or at any watch store. 

Other Key Features:
  • Bracelet is hard, scratch and corrosion resistant
  • Does not pitch at the skin or catch hairs
  • Designed for all day wear, great for workouts
  • Universal Size 104-205mm wrists
  • Available in Black & Silver, 38mm &d 42mm
  • Crafted from the same steel alloy as the Apple Watch




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