Rainbow Pencils

$22 USD


Whoever said all clever design ideas in Japan come from Japanese people? These Rainbow Pencils, created by Tokyo-based British designer Duncan Shotton, are a fine example of a simple and beautiful idea that can literally add color to your everyday life by one of the most mundane tasks: sharpening your pencil!

Made from recycled paper, Duncan Shotton's Rainbow Pencils are standard HB (#2 US) pencils that you can use like any other. The fun starts when you need to sharpen them: instead of the boring brown shavings, the layers of the recycled paper combined with the sharpenings' circular shape create beautiful rainbow patterns. Even if you don't use the sharpenings for other crafts, their sight is enough to make you smile.

The Rainbow Pencils features:

  • Two outer colors: black, white
  • Packs of 5 pencils
  • Graphite: Standard HB (#2 US)
  • Pencil length: 173mm (6.8")
  • Made of recycled paper
  • Sharpener not included
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