Nemureru Mori Toe Separator Rest Socks

$22 USD


One of the great pains that Western-style lifestyle has inflicted on the Japanese has been trading in their traditional zori and geta sandals for suit shoes (or pumps). After a 10-hour confinement every day, people really need to liberate their toes and heels, and this is where the Nemureru Mori Toe Separator Rest Socks prove ingenious. Contrary to the toe socks Japan has been famous for, these socks are made to be worn while you sleep, allowing your tired feet digits to breath by keeping them apart in pretty much the same way they'd be if you used a pedicure toe separator.


The difference is that the Nemureru Mori Toe Rest Socks separators are soft, essentially cushioning your toes. A special area has even been included for the heel area, so you can use any skin cream without worrying about ruining your sheets. Add in the general warmth covering the whole area from the ankles to the base of the toes, and you have the perfect conditions for a good night's sleep for both you and your tired feet. You'll be amazed at how energized you feel when you wake up the next morning!


The Nemureru Mori Toe Separator Rest Socks features:

    • Colors: pink, purple


    • Correspond to shoe sizes 22.5-24.5cm (US: Women's 6-8.5, Europe: Women's 36-39)


    • Weight: 50g (1.7 oz)


    • Materials: polyester, acrylic and polyurethane


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