Star Wars Rebel Alliance Icon Symbol Backpack

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Before you hop into your X-Wing, (or your Honda Civic, which you like to pretend is an X-Wing sometimes) make sure you got everything you need to fight the Empire (or combat your economics course). The best way to do that? It's this Rebel Alliance backpack, which has been designed by the top men and women of the resistance to carry anything you could need in a variety of situations. It has storage space for blaster pistols and thermal detonators for when you find yourself surrounded by Stormtroopers...or you could just use it to carry your laptop or tablet to class. Either way, this Star Wars backpack is designed to get the job done in the face of any danger the galaxy might throw at you.

Made from a polyester, PVC and nylon blend
Orange, white and black X-Wing pilot color scheme
18" by 11.5" in size
Various pocket for storage including: 2 small pockets, medium device pocket, side pockets w/ elastic and large internal pocket with internal sleeve
Top and side zipper design for main pocket allows for easy, yet secure access
Adjustable shoulder straps with padding
Cushioned back with Rebel Alliance logo

1 x Star Wars Rebel Alliance Icon Backpack

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