Audeze EL8 Open-Back Headphones

$699 USD


If you’re an Apple user looking for the best sound quality through the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, the EL8 headphones are the answer. With its thin-film Planar Magnetic driver, transients come alive – like the attack of the snare drum, popping strings on a bass, and strumming acoustic guitars. It comes with both Apple control cable and standard 3.5mm cable.
• Planar Magnetic technology gives better bass, better transients, and the lowest distortion. This driver is about 4x the size of other on-ear headphones.

• The Apple control cable includes the typical 3 button controls and microphone
• Folds flat for travel (optional semi-hard travel case available)
• Industrial design by BMW’s DesignWorks.
• Designed & assembled in the USA.

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