Kaweco Black Aluminium Fountain Pen

$65 USD

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This beautiful aluminum fountain pen is a good example of one of those objects that actually everyone should carry with them every day. This design was so successful that it has not changed since 1935. It is often thought that writing with a fountain pen, quickly caused a battlefield, this is only the case, however, if the user is not a decent writer. This lightweight classic Kaweco is nicely compact when closed, yet has the perfect length and is open for writing. The matte black finish of the aluminum feels this fountain pen was delicious and it is also good in the hand. The German Kaweco has been around since 1883 expert in making stationery with a classic and timeless look. This fountain pen comes in a beautiful tin can of Kaweco.

- Material: Aluminum
- Open Length: 13.5 cm
- Closed length: 10 cm
- Additional: 6 refills included

Germany has a long and rich history in the field of writing instruments. Because there was no access to graphite, such as was the case in the United Kingdom, there was found a solution in the form of powdered graphite. Pencils industry flourished, and some of the most famous names in this industry that we still know today as Faber-Castell and Staedtler, saw in the 19th century light.

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