NOTTI Smart Light with Notifications

$50 USD


Notti connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and notifies you with a different color of light when you receive an incoming call, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook update, IFTTT notifications, etc...Notti is customizable so you can select which color you want for each type of notification. Notti also serves as a wake up alarm light, and can sync to your music. For more info, click here


Social Media Notifications

Wake Up Light and Alarm

Music Mode

Customizable Mood Lighting


Color: Artistic White
Battery: 720+ Hours in notification mode, 5+ Hours with continuous light
Charging Input: Micro USB
LED Color: 16 million colors to choose from
Weight: 92g
Dimensions: H 100 x W 75 x D 60 mm
Bluetooth: v4.0 BLE
Wireless Range: 15m (49ft)
Application: iPhone5 (or above) & iOS8 (or above), most phones with Android 4.3 (or above)

Now shipping worldwide!

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