Runaway Alarm Clock

$25 USD


It's a runaway alarm clock perfect to be a gift for girls,boys,girlfriend,teens,kids and so on.


-It not only can wake you up at the correct time.When you press the button,it will run from here to there.
-If you keep sleeping, its two super invincible "hot wheels" will ran away from your bed and hide in a corner until your sleepy away completely.
-Staying in bed is normal.For humanitarian sake,you can set 0-9 minutes sleeping time.But if you haven't dated,you are ready to get up and looking for
your Clock. -Clock is looking for a new hiding place every day.When the clock rang again, even people who wanna sleep again have to get up.


Not running problem: If you do as the instructions but this happens(calling but not running at the setting time, or game mode makes the wheels
go but can not move the wheels when the alarm goes off ),it is a set up problem.

Please do as following:
STEP 1: Pay attention to screen,there should have the alarming and running image on screen. If there not, please press the keys.
STEP 2: Please press "a" key twice to see the number on screen.This number means minutes. Press "m" can change the number.
STEP 3: The number "0" means it will running at once when the clock alarming. So you can just set up the alarming time.
STEP 4: If the number is "1-9",it means you open the snooze function.(For example, the number "1" means:The clock alarming and you press
the "snooze" key because you want to stay in bed.Then after 1 minute, the clock will alarming again and start to run).

Size: 13.5*9*9cm
Package Weight: about 400g
Power: 4 AA(not include)

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