Think Board Small Sheets

$25 USD


Perfect for: The Fridge, Your Desk, A Clipboard, etc

Your brain will thank you, trust me. Nothing is worse than taking notes on a sticky note will at work. Or trying to cram a shopping list into a tiny notepad! If this rings a bell, our small dry erase sheets are perfect for you!

Think Board small dry erase sheets are a convenient, innovative solution for quick note taking. Stick to the wall, door, table, desktop or refrigerator. Great for meetings, to-do lists, classroom activities and much more. Each sheet erases cleanly and has a full-adhesive backing. When removed, the adhesive does not leave residue behind.

Comes with a Think Board Kit
Black marker, spray bottle, cleaning cloth + velcro dots

  • Turns any surface into a reusable writing surface.
  • Just peel & stick! It's that easy.
  • Will not damage or leave a sticky residue on surfaces.
  • Made in the USA

*25-pack comes with 25 markers and 25 cleaning cloths!

(21cm x 28cm)

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