Orphe LED Performance Shoes

$750 USD


Shoes with LEDs have been around for several years in Japan, but the Orphe LED Performance Shoes are more than a fashion gimmick. These shoes are a sophisticated wearable system incorporating 9-axis motion sensors, about 100 controllable LEDs and a Bluetooth module allowing it to connect with an app for easier control. Plus it comes with its own software development kit letting anyone create other iOS and Android applications to work with it and expand its creative possibilities.

The Orphe LED Performance Shoes will detect your movements and respond with lights and sounds either from the app or from schemes you can download from the Internet. Make your next night out clubbing a full-blown multimedia performance and unleash your creativity: the Orphe will respond any way you want it to and open new avenues for creation. Be a part of the wearable revolution with this groundbreaking and still stylish device from the land that has elevated LED production to an art form.
Orphe LED Performance Shoes

The Orphe LED Performance Shoes features:

  • Colors: white, black
  • Sizes: 23.5cm (9.3"), 25.5cm (10"), 27cm (10.6"), 28.5cm (11.2"), 30.5cm (12") (Japanese shoe sizes)
  • 100 color serially controlled LEDs, 9-axis motion sensors, Bluetooth wireless module
  • Can be used as a musical instrument or as a controller for various applications
  • Use "Scene" app (iOS) to customize sound, light and motion data
  • Power: can be charged through micro-USB
  • Made in Japan
  • Instructions: English online support


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