Cell Micro 4x4 Post Cap Bio Ethanol Outdoor Fireburner

$175 USD

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"Cell Micro 4x4 Post Cap


Product Dimensions (IN): L 8.5” X W 8.5” X H 14”
Product Weight (LB): 25
Product Dimensions (CM): L 22 X W 22 X H 36
Product Weight (KG): 12


Cell Micro is the smallest in the series of Cell tabletop fireburners. Its most distinct feature is in its functionality and use. This delicate-yet-bold tabletop fireburner can be used with a custom Mounting Bracket and then, mounted to an outdoor 4″ X 4″ deck post, adding a refreshing sense of charm and decorative taste to a rooftop balcony overlooking the garden, or to a backyard landscape.


Cell Micro can be displayed and used as a fragile floral terrarium, a glowing candle holder, or, with Fuel, as a dazzling tabletop fireburner.


By Decorpro Home + Garden.


Each sold separately.


Snuffer included.
Mounting Bracket included.


Fuel sold separately.




Cell Micro (solid steel, black epoxy powder paint, 8mm tempered glass)
Mounting Bracket (solid steel)
Snuffer (solid steel)


Made in Canada"

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