Cordless Power Extender for iPhone and iPad

$27 USD


Cordless Power Extender for iPhone 5/5s/5c or iPad 4/Air and Mini and iTouch. Now you don't need your cable to charge your device simply plug the power extender in to the device and press the charge button and your device will start charging.

Compact and easy to carry in your bag. The built in fuel indicator will show you when your power extender needs to refueled for use again.

The power extender will charge your phone 120% and your tablet 80%. Get the most out of your day with the convenient power extender without having to use a cord to charge your device.

• Power Extender is 2200mAh
• Comes with a USB charging cable to charge the power extender.
• Takes about 2 hours to charge your device and about same time to refuel the power extender when out.
• Come in multiple colors
• Not compatible with 30 pin iPhone 4/4s or iPad 3 and earlier version.
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