Wood AirplantVessel

$50 USD


Fact: Plants make people happy.

The perfect gift for yourself or a friend, our AirplantVessel inhandmade woodincludes ahand-wired airplantselected to work perfectly with the size of your vessel, and arock accent.Every plant is sustainably grown & a portion of your purchase supports airplant eco-system protection with Nature Conservancy.


Available in 3 sizes that work well on their own or as a group.


Handmade in California, our reclaimed wood and hand finishing celebrates the natural quality of wood. Their imperfections are what we think makes them special

Airplant Care Instruction Card

Don’t have a green thumb? It doesn’t get much easier than taking care of our airplants! To care for, simply slide the wire wrapped airplant from the vessel and submerge both wire and airplant in a bowl of water for a couple hours, once a week. Yourcare instruction card comes with easy tips and FAQ'sto keep your airplants alive and thriving.

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