Airplantman Rectangle Frame

$180 USD


Airplants don't need soil!

No soil? No problem! Airplants have naturally evolved to thrive without soil and our AirplantFrame is the perfect way to present them. Customize and plant your tillandsia garden, creating a living painting inside your home or outdoor garden.

The intelligent design of the AirplantFrame provides optimum air circulation & light for airplants to thrive indoors or out. Each frame is handcrafted from 100% recyclable, rust-free & submergible materials that make care simple. Every plant is sustainably grown & a portion of your purchase supports airplant eco-system protection with Nature Conservancy.


Matte White, Matte Black, Glossy Orange, Glossy Aqua or Glossy Red


11 inches by 18 inches


Handmade in California from 100% recyclable, eco-friendly powder-coated aluminum, our frames are waterproof and won’t rust. Our hand strung stainless steel cables allow you to arrange each airplant and customize your “painting”.


Each frame includes a starter kit of 8 airplants. To care for, simply spray a couple times a week, or fully submerge the airplants while they remain in the waterproof frame for a couple hours, once a week.

Airplant Care

Your purchase includes a Care Instruction Card with easy tips and FAQ's to keep your airplants alive and thriving. 
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