Black Terra Time Watch

$150 USD


Terra-Time BLACK (2014) 2016
Designed by SITE (JAMES WINES and Alex Donahue)


Terra-Time BLACK is an all new Terra-Time and a new version of the original gray Terra-time and inspired by a combination of landscape references – contour maps, topographical models, stone quarry excavations and agricultural terraces – this TERRA TIME BLACK watch has been conceived as an ‘earthwork on your wrist;’ where the sculptural qualities of light and shadow add poetic dimensions to the time-keeping services.


Since the visual identity of most watches is dependent on graphic imagery or some form of exposed technology, this ‘mini-quarry on your wrist’ offers a multi-layered sculpture, where light and shadow add poetic dimensions to the time keeping experience.


Terra-Time BLACK is a black IP stainless steel watch. The dial is comprised of 6 layers each representing the layers of the earth. Terra-Time BLACK is guaranteed to be noticed and goes with anything.


Terra-Time Watch has a black IP stainless steel case. It measures 40mm (1.57″) in diameter and has a 20mm wide black silicone band. The watch measures 10″ from end to end with 7″ to the closest hole and 8 3/4″ inches from the farthest hole. Terra-Time is also available in a second version; “monochromatic” in appearance with its variations of a gray palette.

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