Giant Chess Set

$600 USD



Checkmate! You have found the age old game of chess in giant proportions! Our giant chess set is made from durable PVC, waterproof, and UV protected, so these pieces are ideal for outdoor or indoor play. Each giant chess piece weighs in at just over 2 lbs. and measures 16.5" to 23.5" tall, with an 8.75" diameter base.

These beautiful giant chess pieces come in two parts, allowing you to fill the base with sand or water for added weight in case of windy conditions. Giant chess pieces are sturdy enough to stand on their own in all but very strong winds.

Giant chess is perfect for summer parties, pub gardens, shopping centers, corporate retreats, upscale resorts or just set this giant chess game up at the beach or the park, and watch as a crowd gathers to call next game! Not only does giant chess look good it also allows players of all ages to learn and enjoy chess in a unique giant way.

Not all giant chess pieces are created equal. Compare the different giant chess sets on the market and look at the detail of the different chess pieces. The details of the pieces, especially the king and queen, are often a reflection of the overall quality of the set.

NOTE: Does NOT include a playing surface or storage bags

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