Mouse Pad Arm-Stand Desk

$25 USD


Designed Mouse Pad Arm-stand Desk Extender

  • 180 degrees Rotatable, made of strong ABS plastic, ergonomic design for desk and chair, very easy to install.
  • Reduce Stress from cervical vertebrae, shoulder, arm and wrist; keep correct posture, avoid cervical vertebrae ache, mouse hand and nearsightedness
  • Outstanding design now makes you move freely, comfortably and effortlessly to perform your computer tasks.
  • Unique design prevents mouse from sliding down, memory foam wrist rest protects your hand from hurt.
  • Metal holdfast makes it much stronger than plastic while attaching to computer desk up to 5cm thick, special rubber pad ensures tight table grip. Magic straps make it easy to fasten to most sizes of chair armrest.
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