Lotus Branch Cat Shelf

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The Lotus Branch Cat Shelf provides an elegant place to perch for the feline that likes to peer over a room from above. Your cat will enjoy the spacious platform to climb and lay upon while you’ll appreciate the shelf’s beautiful aesthetic. Cats will fancy walking across and relaxing on this sturdy shelf, made of solid wood and bent ply. Comfortable berber carpet adorns the top of the shelf which can be replaced if worn. Add multiple shelves or mix and match with complementary products the Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf and the Lotus Cat Tower to create the perfect room for you and your cat to share.


- 61” long and 10.5” deep
- Made of a combination of solid wood and bent ply
- Wall installation hardware and screw driver included
- Holes 16” apart for wall stud installation (Recommend installation into at least 2 wall studs)
- Comfortable berber carpet replaceable if worn



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