Skull Armchair

$35,000 USD


This part is very representative and in line with Gregory Besson creations, who is working on the vanities revisited since 2008.
It connects aesthetics and timeless questioning, that the human has against death. Sitting on death and having fun on it is like
trying to forget death a moment. The user of this chair will be backwards to death, maybe trying to outsmart it ?
This true masterpiece appeals to old and recent techniques for its manufacture.The body of the skull is made of polyester, this
technique is used by many carver since the 60s.
The seat is leather and installation is Chesterfield type, which requires techniques of 18th century. Different unique finishes are
coming and will be available.

Somes words about it :

- More than 1000 hours of work.

- Signed masterpiece.

- All about details from the bottom to the top (the under of the armchair is detailled too like a real skull)

- Crazy Chesterfield style seat. 90 buttons.

- Perfect for your vilain's office on the last floor of a big building of Gotham city.

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