MasterPan Silicone 3 Pcs Kitchen Utensils Set - Black

$20 USD


IT’S TIME TO THROW AWAY THOSE OLD WOODEN KITCHEN UTENSILS THAT ARE BUILDING UP WITH BACTERIA AND SWITCH TO MASTERPAN’S SILICONE SET. Introducing MASTERPAN’s high quality 3 PCS kitchen utensils set. Some of the main features: FDA Grade, BPA Free Silicone • Solid silicone surface means no crevices for bacteria to collect • Solid steel core • Stain resistant • Non-stick: Won't scratch pots and pans • Flexible heads with both curved and right angles • Eco-friendly • Dishwasher safe • Heat safe up to 480 degrees F • Ergonomically designed silicone coated steel core for a comfortable grip with some weight and balance • MAIN BENEFITS: • The Spatulas have flexible head great for light batters and removing condiments from jars • Hygienic silicone and steel core of tongs means no crevices for collecting bacteria • Non-stick means these will not scratch your coated pots and pans • Being dishwasher safe makes clean up a breeze • Heat safe up to 480 degrees F means you can perform many high-heat cooking jobs without worry of burning or melting your spatulas and turners. MasterPan’s Kitchen Utensils Set includes: TURNER - 11" x 2.75" ( 3.35 OZ WEIGHT) • SPATULA - 11" x 2" ( 3.1 OZ WEIGHT) • TONGS - 10.5" x 1.5" ( 4.2 OUNCE WEIGHT).



IDEAL SOLUTION FOR COOKING OR BAKING: 3 pcs Food grade Silicon Kitchen Utensil Set including a large SPATULA, TURNER and TONGS


HIGHEST QUALITY HYGIENIC SILICONE - 100% BPA free food grade silicone; FDA approved; Eco-friendly; Heat-resistant up to 450°F; Stain and odor resistant


HYGIENIC SOLID SILICONE DESIGN: There's no head to pop off these spatulas and no seams for bacteria to grow, which means healthier cooking and less clean up required.


DESIGNED FOR DURABILITY, EASE OF USE & EASY CLEAN UP: Ergonomically designed handles and the perfectly angled head. Pretty's premium non-stick silicone is literally the easiest substance to clean. Simply wipe under hot water or throw them in the dishwasher.


EASY TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Ergonomically designed handles and the perfectly angled head made from silicone makes this set the easiest kitchen utensils to clean. Simply wipe clean under hot water or throw them in the dishware!

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