Rest Deck Desk Tray

$85 $120(Save 29%)USD


With harmony of hard concrete in city and soft wood grain in nature. We tried to express


co-existence of environment and city on the desk. ‘Rest deck’ uses certified non-asbestos,


non-toxic and hygiene concrete and it is 100% handcraft/handmade product.


‘Rest deck’ is a product that enables one to keep composure by putting down everything onto


tray located on the desk. Smartphone can be place or other stuff like business card and desk


products can be arranged. It also gives luxurious and comfortable feeling as an interior material.


‘Rest deck’ will be a small relaxing space on the desk for you.


Material : Asbestos-free concrete / Wood(walnut)


Product Size : 355 x 90 x 22mm


Box Size : 370 x 105 x 53mm


Weight : 732g

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