Wood Carving Cartoon Animals Travel Umbrella

$20 USD


Wood Carving Cartoon Animals Travel Umbrella

  • Premium quality, stainless steel, ultra-slim, windproof, travel Umbrella with easy open /close; 8-rib fortified frame; fiberglass flex clip; chrome plated metal shaft.

  • Durability-Tested up to 5000 times; frame is wind-resistant up to 55 mph; resin reinforced ribs will not bend or flip out in strong gusts; stainless steel frame will not corrode in constant presence of water or moisture.

  • Umbrella canopy is made with 210T polyester and coated; it will not soak through or leak, even in torrential downpours; rubberized grip keeps the handle secure and slip-free in your hand.

  • Open / close function is a quick; umbrella will open or collapse instantly at easy pushing or pulling.

  • Ideal choice in place of protective but bulky umbrellas or compact but flimsy models; sturdy yet sleek looks will complement your outdoors style; fits in most purses, briefcases, backpacks, and gym bags.

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