Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun

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Elastic Precision rubber band guns offer the ultimate in fun and performance and are built to last for generations. We only use the finest hardwoods like hard rock maple - a wood so tough and durable that it is used to make bowling pins and major league baseball bats. You'll never find cheap pine, thin plywood or plastic pieces here.


Our Model 1911 is a replica of the world famous Colt 1911 used by GIs for over a century. Our patented semi-automatic action has a slide that mimics an actual 1911 and racks with each shot allowing you to fire 6 rubber bands as fast as you can pull the trigger. With the included precision matched rubber bands, the 1911 shoots accurately up to 20 feet.


Made from a single block of solid Maple and featuring Walnut grips each Model 1911 is protected with a glossy coat of lacquer to ensure that this heirloom quality toy lasts a lifetime. Elastic precision is a US company, our rubber band guns are designed and patented in the United States.



  • Fun for all ages and made from a single block of hard rock maple to last a lifetime
  • Makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for kids both young and old
  • FOR THE YOUNG - Unplug a kid near you and make them go outside and play! These rubber band guns are sure to spark young imaginations. Share the fun you had as a kid with the next generation.
  • FOR THE YOUNG AT HEART - Wish these were around when you were a kid? Relive the good old days but this time make them better with a semi-automatic rubber band gun! You deserve an upgrade!
  • Elastic Precision rubber band guns shoot further, faster, and more accurately than any other rubber band gun on the market
  • Patented action semi-automatically fires 6 rubber bands in under 2 seconds
  • Modeled after the iconic Colt 1911 handgun
  • Made from solid hard rock maple - no plastic pieces!
  • Comes fully assembled with ammo and instructions
  • Easy to load and shoot
  • Coated with lacquer for a smooth and beautiful finish
  • Dimensions: 8.75" long x 5.25" tall x 1.25" wide
  • International shipping available
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