Penguin Papertrophy

$50 USD


You find real animals are too much work or too dirty?
Unlike other animals, the penguin is a low-maintenance roommate. The paper - decorative items are made of high quality, environmentally friendly and weigh at least 230g.

Always funny, perhaps a little clumsy, but who couldn't smile at the sight of it? Unlike boring standard decorative items, each penguin is unique in that it is made by you!

*You receive pre-cut and pre-folded paper sections that you just have to stick together.*

*Putting together the penguin cut-out sheets is easy as pie and does not require any permanent instruc

Size / Dimensions / Weight 
Penguin decorative item height: 40cm 
Penguin decorative item width: 28cm Penguin decorative item depth: 15cm 
Penguin decorative item weight: ca. 50g

The Papertrophy paper glue is not part of this paper animal and must be ordered in addition to the paper animal.

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