Dough Kneading Bag

$19 USD


Simply add flour, water, egg, tie up the bag, and start kneading!

Kneading any type of dough just got easy!
Eliminates messy counters and dough won't stick to bag!
Also can be used to marinate meat and vegetables!

Material: silica gel(Food Grade)
Max capacity: 1kg dry flour (32.5cm*22cm)

Applicability: Acid, alkali, ageing resistances, enduring high and low temperature, can be used under the environment from --40°C to 230°C, it is suitable for dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, oven and refrigerator.

Notice: To prevent naked flame or sharps. Do not put hard, sharp foodstuff like the bone, fish bone etc in the bag. Heating operation is forbidden after tightening the bag.

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