Coolbreather Carafe by Norm Architects

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Cool Breather is a patented carafe which does just what was a Must for red wine during a long time with white wine. The carafe from Menu decants and opens wine and improves therewith the aroma and taste experience in a fast process.

An integrated reusable cool-stick in the Cool Breather carafe keeps the decanted white wine fresh and cool. The beautiful and stylish bottle-formed carafe Cool Breather was designed to make decanting of white wine a part of the experience of enjoying fresh and tasty white wine.

Place the wine bottle on the table and place the carafe at the bottle’s neck. Turn the bottle and the carafe and listen to the noise of the white wine which is decanted, while it runs into the carafe through the bottle neck.

”Decanting opens the wine and accelerates and rises both, the aroma as well as the wine’s taste. The different layers with important ingredients of the Bouquet as well as some of the hidden aroma in white wine were closed inside of the bottle and the short and simple Decanting process makes you experience the most fine details of white wine”, explained Tim Vollerslev, Sommelier and multiple member of the jury of wine competitions for sommeliers.

The integrated reusable cool-stick keeps the decanted wine refreshing cool, completely without unpractical usage of ice cubes and wine coolers, the cool-stick includes water and can easily be placed in the freezer as well as back in the carafe thanks to its design – ready to keep the tasty wine cooled down.

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