Dual Stage Knife Sharpener

$8 USD


Discover The Secret To Never Having to Buy a New Knife Set Ever Again! Blunt knives are a chore and makes all your food preparation more difficult. If the skin of a tomato is as hard to cut like leather then it's time to sharpen your knife! Using the Knife Sharpener you can transform any blunt kitchen knife into a razor sharp cutting machine!

You could save $$$ by bringing your old knives back to life!
The Knife Sharpener can revive the bluntest knives!
Unique 2 stage sharpening system. Stage 1 uses the Tungsten Carbide plates to sharpen the bluntest of knives. Stage 2 uses the ceramic rods which will hone the knife to a razor sharp finish!
In just a few strokes your knife will be factory sharp!
Designed with safety in mind. The non slip base with large grip handle allows you to sharpen any knife safely and easily.
It sharpens kitchen knives, steak knives, pruning shears, meat cleavers, bread knives and more! So if you have a blunt knife in the kitchen then buy the Knife Sharpener NOW and bring it back to life!

Material: ABS + tungsten alloy + ceramic

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