Corn Kerneler

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Enjoy fresh corn without the mess of eating from the cob. This corn peeler will make it so you have the convenience of eating corn from a can, but the delicious nutrients of actually eating fresh corn off the cob. It easily removes kernels from the cob in one quick motion by placing one end straight down and all kernels collect neatly in the holder. No more mess to clean up!

1. Just place the Kerneler at the narrow end of the cob and push straight down.
2. Stainless steel blades quickly and easily remove the kernels, which then collect neatly in the basin of the Kerneler.
3. Pour kernels out and start again.
The Corn Kerneler basin holds about two ears worth of kernels.
Stainless steel blade adjusts to width of the corn cob; top rack dishwasher safe.


Material: ABS+ stainless steel
Weight: about 120g

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