Mimi Pet Earplugs

$34 USD


Noisy neighbors? No need to suffer anymore. Just put in the Mimi Pet Earplugs! These "ear pets" are mini dogs that come in two halves: one for each ear! Brilliantly designed by Mao Yamamoto, the Mimi Pet Earplugs are the latest funky item from the Japanese home accessories brand +d. Easy to wash clean and soft to touch, the super long-bodied dachshunds come in five fun colors (white, gray, yellow, orange, and blue). They also come in a pouch for hygienic storage.

The Mimi Pet Earplugs features:

  • Colors: white, gray, yellow, orange, blue
  • Size: around 13 x 35 x 21mm (0.5 x 1.4 x 0.8")
  • Includes storage pouch
  • Materials: silicone sponge, PP
  • Designed by Mao Yamamoto
  • Made in Japan
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