Beauty Voice Trainer

$55 USD


The Beauty Voice Trainer helps give you the dulcet voice you know you've always wanted, in just five minutes a day. The system works in three ways: without training, the human throat is restricted. The specially designed mouthpiece positions the tongue to open the voice passage, allowing a much stronger sound. Secondly, it helps with abdominal breathing, a necessity for proper singing. Finally, the included tuning fork guides you to the notes you want, and trains you to hear the proper intervals between pitches. In just five minutes a day, the Beauty Voice Trainer will teach you to maximize your vocal potential while singing.

Beauty Voice Trainer Specifications:

  • Includes mouthpiece x1; tuning fork x1; carrying case x1
  • Color: orange or purple
  • Materials: ABS Plastic and resin (mouthpiece), stainless steel (tuning fork)
  • Weight: mouthpiece: 22g; tuning fork: 30g
  • Size: mouthpiece 5.6x9.0x3.0cm, tuning fork 1.8x12x0.9cm
  • Manual: Japanese (but self-explanatory)
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